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' Back to Belfast ' Lego set. 

This is a custom limited edition brick set based on 'Back to the Future' Highlighting Northern Ireland's & Belfast's  most iconic landmark the H&W cranes at Belfast shipyard.

"The doc and Marty McFly have travelled 'Back to Belfast' and have remade my iconic painting
 ' bright side of the road'. Taking a perch on the famous cranes.

Let your imagination run with this must have item and man cave collector's alike model

Set includes -
Presentation box
1x instruction / poster
1x Crane
1x Marty McFly
1x Hoverboard
1x Doc Emmet Brown
1x Radio control
2x Stickers for hoverboard & 1x I love Belfast t-shirt sticker (doc brown)
1x Backdrops

Plus 2x free promo stickers

' Back to Belfast ' Lego set ltd EDT.

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